General Information about FEDEMAC

FEDEMAC is existing for more than 50 years.

FEDEMAC was founded in 1959. The Founding Members were France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. In the beginning FEDEMAC was a group of some National Moving Associations meeting once or twice a year. FEDEMAC was the platform of the Presidents and General Secretaries of the National Moving Associations to share views and discuss problems arising due to the foundation of the European Community in 1957.

The contacts were intensified with the proceeding installation of a European Common Market. The enlargements of the EC/EU brought new member states. Some of them joined FEDEMAC immediately, some later.

The Federation of European Movers Associations (FEDEMAC) e.V. was officially registered as an independent European organisation on 1 January 1995 in Germany. Up until then, administration was taken care of by AMOE, the German Movers Association, which itself is a constituent Member of FEDEMAC.

FEDEMAC’s members are National Moving Associations. If a National Moving Association does not exist or is not interested in a FEDEMAC membership, single qualified moving companies can become Direct Affiliates of FEDEMAC.

Today FEDEMAC represents the interests of around 3.000 professional moving companies in 26 European countries. 24 of them are EU-Memberstates. Switzerland and Norway are also represented by FEDEMAC.

FEDEMAC’s main function is to express the concerns and needs of the moving industry on European level and to co-ordinate National activities with European impact. Much of this work is centred around presentation of the mover’s concerns and needs at the EU Parliament and Commission as well as liaising with National associations, and other trade organisations.